Solar energy is completely environmentally friendly

Solar energy is completely environmentally friendly. Its carbon emissions are zero and there are not any other harmful byproducts. It can be used properly and effectively cost almost anywhere on the planet.

50 percent of the worlds energy will come from renewables

The predictions are that 50% of the worlds energy will come from renewable sources by 2040.

Sunlight can satisfy populations energy needs

In one hour more sunlight falls on the earth than what is used by the entire population in one year.

Solar energy has many uses

Solar energy has many uses such as electricity production and heating of water through photovoltaic cells.

Bulgaria is a sunny country

Bulgaria is a sunny country and the solar energy has been used for a long time. The Bulgarian benefited of the advantages of the passive solar air conditions for many years.


Heavy negotiations on preferential prices for electricity

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BEH prepare offers to renegotiate for U.S. plants, said Deputy Minister Ayolov.
Negotiations are under way for the removal of preferential prices for green energy on long-term contracts with U.S. plants. There was a meeting on Monday with representatives of both RES and they have expressed a willingness to discuss the conditions. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Economy and Energy Ivan Ayolov told reporters.

Growth of 9% investment in green energy in the first quarter

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Investments in global green energy grew by nine percent in the first quarter , led by strong demand for solar roof panels worldwide.

Investments from RES and energy efficiency reached 47.7 billion dollars for the first quarter of 2014. compared with those reported in the previous year 43.6 billion dollars , according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF)

New era dawns at Sauber’s solar park

solar present - sauber solar park

The solar park constructed for the Sauber F1 Team in Hinwil by premium partner Oerlikon is now on stream after being officially opened today (Monday).

The project is one of the largest solar car ports in Switzerland, consisting of 1573 technically-advanced and aesthetically-appealing thin-film silicon photovoltaic modules, stretching over an area measuring 2249 square metres.

China Anti-dumping Investigation on Imports of Solar-grade Polysilicon from the EU

*The China Ministry of Commerce said it is launching both anti-dumping and countervailing investigations on imports of solar-grade polysilicon from the EU.

Electronic-grade polysilicon used to produce semiconductor products such as integrated circuits and discrete devices under that tariff No. is not covered by this investigation.